Farming News - Norwich-based Pitts Farm pioneering next steps to achieving sustainable farming

Norwich-based Pitts Farm pioneering next steps to achieving sustainable farming

A well-established arable and potato farm in Norwich, is at the forefront of sustainable farming practices in the region.

 Pitts Farm is making significant strides towards its net-zero goals, supported by a sustainable farming consultancy service provided in partnership between Lloyds Banking Group and Soil Association Exchange. The service empowers British farmers to accelerate their transition to net zero by providing tailored farm visits, including sampling and surveys, designed to identify environmental and financial advantages for their land.

 On Thursday 12th October Duncan Baker, MP for North Norfolk, Ben Makowiecki, Agricultural Sustainability Director for Lloyds Banking Group, and Tom Martin, Lloyds Banking Group’s Ambassador for the East of England, visited Pitts Farm to see the valuable work being undertaken in the constituency, and learn more about the environmental benefits that the partnership is facilitating for local farms.

 Duncan Baker, MP commented that: “This was a thoroughly enjoyable and insightful visit to Pitts Farm, who I wanted to thank for opening their doors to us today. It was great to hear how Pitts Farm is taking significant strides to achieve their sustainability ambitions. It's equally heartening to see Lloyds Banking Group actively supporting farming's net-zero goals through the Soil Association Exchange programme. I look forward to following Pitts Farm’s progress and hearing about other farms that benefit from this service.”

 Tom Martin, Lloyds’ ambassador for the East of England, added: “We’re thankful to Pitts Farm for hosting us. Touring the farm, it’s clear to see how much dedication the team has and how committed they are in their drive to a more sustainable farming future. 

 “It has also been fantastic to hear how Pitts Farm has benefited from personalised farm visits from expert advisors. From these, farmers receive crucial data on their land's sustainability. Importantly, the service is not just about helping farmers understand their land better; it's about looking at how they can boost sustainability and linking these to financing opportunities. It's like a roadmap to net zero, tailored for each farmer.”