Farming News - AD trade association welcomes Green Gas Support Scheme application window extension to March 2028

AD trade association welcomes Green Gas Support Scheme application window extension to March 2028

The Department for Energy Strategy and Net Zero (DESNZ) announced on Saturday (21 October) that it was extending the deadline to apply to the Green Gas Support Scheme from the proposed 31 March 2026  in its Mid-Scheme review consultation to 31 March 2028   


This offers a two-year additional window for anaerobic digestion (AD) plant operators to ensure that at least 50% of the biomethane output from new AD sites is generated from organic wastes – the key criteria to receive government funding through GGSS. This coincides with Defra's announcement of Separate Food Waste Collections (1) needing to be put in place in England by 2026 – which will significantly increase the volume of organic waste feedstock available to AD operators. 


Chris Huhne, chair of the Anaerobic Digestion and Bioresources Association (ADBA), welcomed the announcement:  "This extension of the application deadline for the Green Gas Support Scheme is great news for the industryIt follows the recommendation we had made to DESNZ in response to the mid-term scheme review they issued back in March. We had specifically requested at least two more years to allow AD operators to put the appropriate contracts and infrastructure in place to achieve the GGSS-eligibility ratio, and this will enable them to do so." 


This also means that we can expect a good amount of new biomethane plants coming online in the coming years – driving a spike in sector growth similar to when the Renewable Heat Incentive, Feed In Tariffs and Renewable Obligation schemes were introduced. Not only is this good for the industry, it's also great news for society as a whole, as we address the impacts of climate change and seek to ensure energy and food security in the UK." 

The extension announcement comes ahead of the actual publication of the GGSS Mid-Scheme Review, which is due to be released before the year ends. ADBA also expects positive news on the other proposals outlined in the consultation.