Farming News - UK Green Gas grows rapidly

UK Green Gas grows rapidly

Green gas capacity grew in Britain by 16.7 per cent last year, according to the latest Policy and Market report of the green gas trade association, ADBA.


The sharp expansion reflects the rate forecast by the International Energy Agency (IEA) in its World Energy Outlook report 2023 and brings the UK more into line with the rapid growth in mainland Europe and the United States in response to the gas supply uncertainty after Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

Chris Huhne, ADBA chair, said: "The impressive growth in green gas last year shows what the sector can do, and underlines the realism of our objective of 1,000 new plants by 2030. We are on course to overtake the nuclear sector, in terms of energy produced, during 2031 if not earlier. 

"The growth last year also puts the UK near the higher growth projection globally from the International Energy Agency, which is for 22 per cent annual compound growth to make the biogas sector the best performing renewable sector after solar. 

"Policymakers are increasingly seeing biogas as the "no-regrets" renewable option as it produces home-grown, secure energy that is available when needed, and can be used as a substitute for fossil gas imports in heating and transport fuel.

 "And in the long-run, biogas can keep the lights and heaters on in dark winter nights when solar does not produce energy, and the yield from wind can fall for prolonged periods".

The increase in capacity last year occurred despite a small fall in the number of plants, as large-scale green gas plants came on stream to replace the retirement of some smaller ones.

The full report can be downloaded HERE.