Farming News - Green Product Award winner 2024: ChargePost from ADS-TEC Energy

Green Product Award winner 2024: ChargePost from ADS-TEC Energy

The multifunctional charging station ChargePost triumphed in a crowded field of international companies and start-ups to win the Green Product Award 2024 in the mobility category


At the award ceremony in Berlin today, the jury highlighted how ChargePost will increase public acceptance for electromobility
Since 2013, the Green Product Awards have recognized products and services that stand out for their design, impact, and sustainability.

ADS-TEC Energy (’s multifunctional charging station, ChargePost, has been named winner of the Green Product Awards 2024 ( in the mobility category. Embassy envoys and jurors including Katarzyna Dulko-Gaszyna of IKEA Germany, Uwe Melichar of epda, Prof. Claus-Christian Eckhardt of Lund University presented the award during a ceremony today at the Nordic Embassies in Berlin.

ChargePost is a battery-buffered rapid charging station that enables off-grid charging of electric vehicles within minutes. With its integrated battery storage, it can store energy from a power-limited electricity grid to charge an EV at up to 300 kW, even when the power connection is many times lower. This eliminates the need for any expensive and resource-intensive grid expansion.

When a PV system is connected to ChargePost, the self-generated electricity can be used for charging. When there is no vehicle to charge, the stored energy can be used for other purposes or fed back into the grid. These features make ChargePost a sustainable solution as well as making it possible to charge an EV in minutes in locations where it would otherwise not be possible, including rural areas far away from highways and charging parks, or in city centers.

In a statement, the Green Product Awards jury said: “ADS-TEC Energy’s ChargePost can help to promote the acceptance of electromobility. Faster charging can lead to more people opting for this type of mobility.”

Every year, the Green Product Awards recognize products and concepts that stand out in terms of design, innovation, and sustainability. The winners in 12 categories were selected from 250 shortlisted products and concepts. This year saw a record number of award submissions with 1,500 entries from 60 countries.