Farming News - French and German farm ministers in CAP talks

French and German farm ministers in CAP talks

22 Jan 2013
Frontdesk / Machinery

Farm ministers from France and Germany have attempted another rapprochement over Common Agriculture Policy Reform.


The French and German agriculture ministers have met in Berlin to discuss CAP reform

In talks marking the 50th anniversary of the Elysée Pact, the treaty that helped reconcile the two countries after World War II, the French and German agriculture ministers sought to harmonise their position over CAP reform. However, these latest meetings come after Germany reneged on a deal made over the EU Budget agreement ahead of the anniversary in October.


German minister Ilse Aigner met with her French counterpart Stephane Le Foll on 21st January, during Berlin's 'Green Week'. After the talks, French minister Le Foll said the pair would finalise their agreements once "financial perspectives" become clear.


In December, Le Foll admitted that EU budget cuts are now inevitable, given the desire of rich EU states to see the budget cut. France had initially held out to preserve spending.


The minister said he would continue to fight for agriculture spending to remain uncut. His comments came after Germany went back on a deal struck in October, wherein the two governments pledged to work together to preserve farm spending.


Due to the failure of EU budget talks in November 2012, the next budget, and with it the reformed CAP, are not now likely to come into force until after January 2014, when the new budget period is supposed to begin. A large number of French government representatives are expected in Germany this week for a joint parliament and a concert, being held as part of the Semicentennial Elysée Pact celebrations. The two countries are also issuing commemorative coins and other memorabilia.