Farming News - EU pig prices: France falls from on high

EU pig prices: France falls from on high

10 Oct 2012

German pig industry group ISN has said the state of balance abides in much of Europe. Only France registered a drop in prices, following a steady rise over past months. There producers suffered a reduction of 4 cents in quotations due to a glut in supply.


Nevertheless, returns in France remain amongst the highest in Europe. Due to scarcity, British producers were able to secure a slight increase in quotations.


In Denmark, prices remained steady. An Austrian slaughter company declared insolvency, continuing the most recent series of insolvencies declared in the Austrian meat industry and a German slaughterer ceased trading, both factors which ISN said may have an impact in weeks to come.

Nevertheless, ISN analysts predicted that stability would continue for most European countries as, “The slaughter companies appear to be very unsatisfied with the domestic meat sales again [though], according to the market participants, there is no more moaning and groaning than the weeks before.”