Farming News - Data overload hampering land management decisions

Data overload hampering land management decisions

12 Nov 2014


The director-general of the World Agroforestry Centre has warned that an overload of data and a lack of agreed standards are hampering efforts to accurately record and improve land management practices.


 These trees were my friendsSustainable land management is likely to be a key focus of the new UN Sustainable Development Goals, aiming to tackle deforestation and land degradation. The Sustainable Development Goals are currently under consideration, and are set to replace the Millennium Development Goals next year.


Speaking at the Sustainability Science Congress, held last month in Copenhagen by the International Alliance of Research Universities, Tony Simons said, "When it comes to land management planning, we don’t have a system and, because of that, we don’t manage this resource well. We currently have a shopping list of… indicators. How are we meant to know which ones are important?"


The lack of agreed standards means definitions of what constitutes sustainable management are vague and in some cases may even misrepresent the situation on the ground, Simons warned. The World Agroforestry Centre Director suggested a range of priority indicators, which could include water use and availability, soil quality biodiversity, emissions and strength of farmers' organisations, but said it would be up to a body with sufficient clout and political will to establish these standards.


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