Farming News - Covantis announces global expansion to reduce trade inefficiencies

Covantis announces global expansion to reduce trade inefficiencies

With its secure platform, Covantis is helping to reduce inefficiencies and risk in global trade, with the majority of the exports from Brazil, the US and Argentina conducted via the Covantis platform in 2023


Covantis, the platform that accelerates the transformation of global trade for everyone feeding the world, today announced its global expansion, with a new presence across European, Australian and South African grains and oilseeds and the global Vegetable Oils market. 


Covantis helps businesses globally to execute all of their vessels in the agriculture space in one platform. It connects all relevant parties buying and selling agricultural commodities across the supply chain in one ecosystem, and digitalises the execution process that is typically performed through email and phone. With Covantis, processes are automated and standardized and risk is reduced.


As part of its global expansion, the company is now covering the largest export markets for vegetable oils – including Rapeseed Oil, Sunflower Oil and Soybean Oil – coming out of North America, South America, and Europe. 


Petya Sechanova, CEO of Covantis, commented: "This launch marks a pivotal moment for Covantis. Our platform transcends borders to empower agricultural trade on a global scale, helping to speed up document presentation, reduce risk of errors, and automate processes. We've cultivated a network of 44 agricultural groups and over 200 legal entities and now completed the expansion into the key origin markets for grains and oilseeds."


To find out more, visit the Covantis website and follow the company on LinkedIn.