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Bond backs campaign against Derbyshire Mega-farm

Tuesday 30 October 2012

Campaigners opposing plans for a mega-farm which would house 25,000 pigs opposite Foston Prison, Derbyshire have gained the support of former James Bond actor Sir Roger Moore.


Former Bond actor Roger Moore in conversation with Pig Business' Tracy Worcester

Moore condemned "factory farming" in a conversation with the Pig Business campaign's Tracy Worcester. Local campaigners have said the proposal carries the potential for environmental pollution, health risks, poorer animal welfare, traffic problems and bad smells. However, Midlands Pig Producers has denied these claims and assured animal welfare will be its top priority.  


Even so, the plans have received a record number of complaints and been called in by Derbyshire County Council, who will make a final decision in the New Year; the planning process was delayed after the Environment Agency requested more information from MPP. 25,000 people have signed a petition against the mega-farm’s construction.


A spokesperson for MPP said, “We have repeatedly said that we do not expect the support of those who promote veganism or vegetarianism, but we feel that most meat-eating consumers appreciate the need to produce meat on high-welfare, well-maintained and professionally managed farms.”


Nevertheless, the plans have been publicly opposed by campaign group Pig Business and Compassion in World Farming, both organisations which promote animal welfare and not veganism or vegetarianism.


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