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More research has shown climate change is already having an impact on plants and animals, with local extinctions disproportionately affecting tropical areas of the planet.

As UK authorities tighten control measures in anticipation of possible bird flu outbreaks, there have been more bird flu cases reported in Southern France. These new cases are thought to have been spread from farm to farm, rather than coming from wild birds, after the first case was detected in the Tarn department last week.

UK prices are trading down £1 on the week, despite sterling falling from its recent highs last week.

LAMMA '17 takes place on 18 and 19 January 2017 at the East of England Showground, Peterborough.

FAO’s latest forecast for 2016 world cereal production has been raised to 2 577 million tonnes, 1.7 percent (44 million tonnes) above last year’s output.

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Lambing Survey 2016
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Lambing 2016 - 32,000 ewes submitted. Average lambing 17.6% up vs 2015. Compare your farm against your region, nationally and against previous years data (64,000 head of ewes submitted in 2015).

Dec 2015 to Nov 2016 lambing:
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Regional update on autumn crops shows little disease as growth slows.

Open autumn continues and brings with it some oddities - Alternaria found in some crops of oilseed rape.

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