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The EU Agriculture Council this week green lighted new regulations for promotional measures for EU farm produce and debated further support packages for farmers hit by the Russian trade ban.

Plant communities produce greater yield than monocultures, research from Switzerland, Germany and the Netherlands has shown.

A Dutch food producer has urged the director general of the WTO to consider the struggles sustainable food producers face.

EU Commissioners reflecting on World Food Day said the international event reveals the scope of efforts needed to eradicate hunger, and campaigners in the UK argue that changing our habits as consumers could lead to more widespread positive impacts.

Having been awarded £2.3m funding this week, the Soils Training and Research Studentships (STARS) programme, which is run by Bangor University, will be able to train up eight doctorate students.

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Myzus persicae in oilseed rape crops update

The factors that agronomists have identified as being important in determining the level of damage.

Neonicotinoid Survey - Autumn Sowing
Nearly 12,000ha submitted so far
Uncertain about Oilseed Rape following the Neonicotinoid ban?
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Lambing Survey 2014
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Sponsored by Volac - nearly 30,000 head submitted so far. Regional analysis available for six different areas.
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