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A design and engineering student at Imperial College London has offered a glimpse into the future of food production, utilising wasted space in commercial freight containers to produce food.

French catering giant joins supermarkets in ten-year egg pledge.

Having announced last moth that it was narrowing down options and working with local groups at a range of mooted release sites around mainland Britain, the Lynx UK Trust announced on Monday that it has chosen a location

On Friday, the EU Commission approved three types of genetically modified soybean for import into the EU.

No clear answers from government, but much ado about funding as Lords debate how Brexit will affect farmers, and ask what arrangements Defra is making to deal with the inevitable impacts.

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Lambing Survey 2016
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Lambing 2016 - 32,000 ewes submitted. Average lambing 17.6% up vs 2015. Compare your farm against your region, nationally and against previous years data (64,000 head of ewes submitted in 2015).

Dec 2015 to Nov 2016 lambing:
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trader profit £
Mark Lan..7455983