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Agriculture in California has faced huge costs as a result of ongoing drought. Now wildfires, aggravated by high winds and higher temperatures, are threatening large areas of the US' major fruit and vegetable producer.

More intense heat waves, heavier downpours, and severe droughts and wildfires in western US are already affecting the nation’s ability to produce and transport safe food.

The results of testing by the Food Standards Agency suggest that food labelling claims have improved in the wake of the horsemeat scandal

Water companies have issued stark warnings over the government's plans to allow shale gas exploration across half of the UK mainland.

The European Union (EU) will partner with FAO to help small-scale farmers in Serbia recover from the devastating floods of the past spring.

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Neonicotinoid Survey - Autumn Sowing
Nearly 10,000ha submitted so far
Uncertain about Oilseed Rape following the Neonicotinoid ban?
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Early wheat crops are starting to flower as showery weather raises the risk of fusarium ear blight.

Lambing Survey 2014
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Sponsored by Volac - over 25,000 head submitted so far. Regional analysis available for six different areas.
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