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Former farm manager Andrew Stocker has been jailed for the manslaughter of two workers who died whilst attempting to retrieve apples samples from storage units without proper safety equipment.

"All around the world, the imbalance between supply of milk from farms and demand for dairy products is weighing heavily on milk prices. We cannot buck this market"

Action on farm safety needed as fatality figures show no decline on five year average, and a year on year rise.

Farmers will lose 1% of the value of their claim for every working day after the 15 June that their form is delayed.

The independent Committee on Climate Change has urged the newly elected government to take decisive action to mitigate climate changing emissions and resist their effects, including improving support for soils and renewable energies, where government policy has been a source of controversy.

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Gout fly and Ramularia and downy mildew enter spring crops.

Sugar beet damaged by sand blow.

Lambing Survey 2015
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Nearly 47,000 head submitted. 2015 national average lambing rates down -5.8% on year. Click here for a detailed regional analysis - compare your farm
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