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Update: Soil Association comments on Beddington report

Tuesday 25 January 2011

Update: 25.01.2011

The Foresight Report: Global Food and Farming Features was released yesterday at a press conference in London. The report aims to influence policy on tackling global hunger up to 2050. It has precipitated a slew of articles in the media, mostly relating to the controversial views on biotechnology of scientific advisor John Beddington, who led the team responsible for the report.

Commenting on the Foresight report, Molly Conisbee, Campaigns and Communications Director at the Soil Association told Farming Online "We need to be honest about the failures of certain technologies - such as GM - to provide food for a growing world population. Despite billions being pumped in to GM, it has failed to deliver against its promises. The majority of the world is fed by small, local, often organic farmers. These systems are better for the environment, better for animal and human welfare, and offer more resilience to issues such as the rise in oil and fertiliser price rise shocks.

“Contrary to the pro-GM advance publicity, the Foresight report contains much that supports agro-ecological methods, such as organic. In particular, it highlights the need for research in agronomy, agro-ecology, soil science and other areas that have been neglected in recent years".

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