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Miscanthus seminar - profit, certainty, security and opportunity in volatile times

Thursday 05 November 2015


As pressures on the UK’s energy sources increase, a seminar at the Farm Business Innovation Show at the NEC, Birmingham, in November, will be exploring the new wave of interest in energy crops, and in particular, miscanthus, grown for biomass.


In light of volatile cereal prices and the need to maximise returns from all available land, miscanthus is a viable solution. Already planted on 8,000 hectares of marginal farmland across the UK, plans are moving forward to increase this area substantially, and leading the way in the market is Terravesta, the miscanthus specialists.


Terravesta chairman William Cracroft-Eley will be delivering a seminar at the Farm Business Innovation Show at the NEC on November 11 at 14:00 in seminar hall eight and November 12 at 13:15 in seminar hall two, covering the opportunities associated with growing the crop.
“Growing the perennial energy crop, miscanthus, offers greater security of high annual net margin than almost any other crop, while reducing working capital and overhead costs,” says William.


“A low-maintenance crop that’s sustainable, profitable and reliable, miscanthus typically delivers high annual yields (currently delivering 12- 18 tonnes per hectares from well-established crops) and delivers consistent returns from contracts with Terravesta for 20-plus years, offering farmers and landowners unrivalled security and peace of mind,” he says.


Suited to marginal land, with minimal resource requirements, diversifying into this crop means low inputs and high returns. William’s seminar will allow attendees to seriously explore the opportunity miscanthus presents.
William and the rest of the Terravesta team will be on stand number 1064 at the Farm Business Innovation Show to answer any questions you have on the number one UK energy crop.

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